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We proudly present to you Omtesla Motherboard Hardware Repairs school, ongoing online based website, one of a kind teaching digital place of endless learning. This is ideal for people that work at home on their own, have a repair shop or big service center, we are dedicated to people who want to learn more than just basic rice usage, Touch Screen, LCD, OLED, housing, flex or basic Battery replacement.

Omtesla Motherboard Hardware Repairs specializes in step by step circuit solutions in photos, videos, guides, professional schematics for iPod, iPhone, iPad and some Samsung models, PCB repair, micro soldering, weld and rework on surface mount components SMD, BGA, SOC and other type of packages, broken connectors, cables, removed via, pads, broken traces, dropped and liquid damaged phones. Omtesla is full of original knowledge, this place is a resource for people who love fixing this great technology, join today and be better tomorrow with allot of useful knowledge, which work most of the time, if you put the needed effort to succeed in this never ending evolving technology.

At Omtesla Motherboard Hardware Repairs we strive to help people, to use their innate skills, establish a working business, which can help anyone earn for a living and even more, our website have helped many small and big businesses to prosper, even during hard COVID-19 and war times, we invite you to join one of the first and best online microsoldering teaching school today, to evolve in any hardware area of life field, today we concentrate on more than one repair field, such as Cars, XR, AR, VR, EV's, drones, CNC, bicycles, scooters, TV's, projectors, wearables, haptics etc, we not want to limit to just mobile phones.

Join Omtesla Motherboard Hardware Repairs today and let's grow our community bigger, by putting hand to hand we will grow together and support each other, we promise that you will not regret, soon this place will become one of the greatest places in the tech world, which humankind had ever seen, this is thanks to a WW secret that I have found out thanks to my 22 years of social distancing, if you want to be a part of this I invite you to join us today, cause later maybe too late, I m going to Disrupt all areas of human lives, if you join me today I will make sure you to prosper with me later, I promise you that!

Our Achievements!

Motherboard Archive

Best Knowledge Archive

We have over 2000 solutions, schematics, guides and videos.
For Apple devices and some Samsung models, but this is enough to fix any tech no matter of it's brand.


We Support Each Other

With over 24K of posts in our Forums, you will be able to resolve many faults and learn from others.
Or even ask your own troubles, which you could face at the moment.

We Do Magic

We provide one of the best tips and tricks in the repair industry, watch our best methods in true action.

Motherboard Silver Key

Knowledge Is Key To Success

Our Knowledge is like a Gold Key to a Treasure Chest full of original knowledge, join and you will succeeed.

Motherboard Chair

13 Years of Work From Home

This website was build after 8 years of social distancing, by working from home and you can do the same.

Motherboard Partner

Build With Us

Please support by visit the website of our partner, as this was his idea to build our website.

Motherboard Feedback

We Are The Inspiration For Many (Feedback)

Our website was passed by more than 2K thousand of technicians, many members were lost, many have left their feedback.
Seek Inspiration from past members.

Motherboard Investment

Small Investment Big Result

Upgrading today put's the basis for acquiring the best knowledge in the field, we help you to beat the competitors.

Repair The Impossible

Want to repair the impossible? Persistence is the key to your every success.

Motherboard Anchor

We Create Jobs and Opportunities

People who learned here, were able to establish their own work shop, service center or did it as a hobby.

Save The World

Save the world by doing repairs, be Eco and sustainable!
Prevent waste of materials and save the environment.

Hard Work Counts

Only by putting the hard work you will gain understanding and reap the monetary revards and have with satisfactory results.

Save Time With Us

Each solution, schematic or video is unique, therefore making your repairs faster, because we did the work for you.

We Have Pioneered This Repair Industry

Learn from the Pioneers of this repair industry, be the first to experience our website power.

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