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Welcome to Omtesla Repair Boards, whether you are a beginner, apprentice or professional, our Repair Boards will help you in your everyday job, it does not matter if you are a pro, even I as an Expert must learn something new everyday, that is why our Repair Boards is the perfect place to repair anything and everything, we join together to grow and learn from each other, it is thanks to this relationship that one succeeds.

Whether you are looking to repair a small wearable watch, big Car or a PC component, we are here to help, even if we don't know it all, we will learn as we go, cause that is how one gains experience and understanding of how something works, breaks and is repaired back, so it begins to work again as it must from factory. Our Repair Boards were more concentrated on Mobile Phones, but we decided that we must go beyond the limit, therefore we decided to start repairing anything and plan to repair even Drones, Robots, Cars, Tractors, Scooters, Bicycles and AR, VR, XR Glasses, everything that is Smart or Mechanical.

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