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Free Ideas

Hello, if you see this page then you have byte the bait/hook.
This is a message for all shit of grabbers wordpress/plugins/themes/site/software "developers" that copy design and colors from our site.

You are all a bunch of naked dickheads, brainless zombies, lazy bastards, following sheeple and none the less stupid monkeys, i understand there are so much problems in our life that you must survive somehow in this horrible world to make easy money so that you will be able to satisfy your sheeple of 5 senses, this world is full of sheeple like you and i doubt it deserves to be saved, i hope that Masonic sheeple will create more problems in your lives so that you will be drown in day to day struggles and in the end you will be on the streets with outstretched hand like a homeless. Amen to that!

by: iDea
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