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Great Deal

Welcome to our Affiliate program, we decided to begin this program and offer discounts to our Prophets, the Prophets are those who will spread the word about our website and services. When you spread the word about us and our website, you can win coupon codes with discount of up to 10% off on Adept/Master packages.

How does it work (?) you may ask, it's simple, tell your friends about our community, after your friend joins us, you let us know who he is, for verification purposes we will ask the below information.

  1. his First name.
  2. his Last name.
  3. his e-mail.
  4. proof of sharing us, e.g. a image or video.

After you have the required data, send it to us by one of the provided methods Chat or Connect page. As soon as we will verify the data, we will send you a one time 10% off coupon code.
So why not spread the word? Start benefiting today, refer and save!

P.s. there is no limit on how many people you can refer to us, the more the better. Also each referred friend can refer others and so on.

Note: our Affiliate program is in it's testing phase, we will see how it works out for any unexpected abuse issues.

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