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Master Access

Master Access Package Contents

  1. Technical Master Access Chat support on any hardware issue, see the limits below.
  2. forums access, you will have access to forum attachments which are not visible as a visitor.
  3. forums support, you can ask for help when have some fault and we will reply as fast as we can.
  4. solutions access, you will have access to view step by step solutions in photos.
  5. solutions request, you can request a standard solution that is not yet available in our Solutions collection.
  6. understanding schematics videos access, you can view this videos that are unlisted on youtube, do not share direct links!
  7. connector readings access, for most iPhone models of each pad to GND with net names.
  8. iMaster PADS Layouts access, with net names, pin numbers, components etc.
  9. iPad PDF Schematics access and download the very special ones made by us in house.
  10. iPhone and some iPod Touch PDF Schematics access and download they are very special ones made by us in house!
  11. Samsung, Nokia, MacBook, OPPO, Xiaomi, Gionee, Huawei and Lenovo PDF schematics access and download.
  12. Samsung, Coolpad, Huawei, Nokia, OPPO and Xiaomi service manuals access.


  1. only 2 devices are allowed per one account to login at the same time!
  2. no save of solutions to your PC!
  3. no right click on solutions to copy text!
  4. only 10 different IP's per month per user are allowed!
  5. depending of how many Sign Ups will be, the more members the slower will be the Chat support, the only topics at the moment are Smart Phones and Tablets support.

Note: before upgrading visit Solutions page to see what we have at the moment!

Crypto Payment

Dear visitor we now accept Bitcoin/Ethereum crypto payments, to upgrade using this method will cost 80$ because of low fees, let us know and we will upgrade manually your account after cleared payment, thank you.
Please do make sure you write our wallet address proper, else it may go to someone else or not proceed at all.
Also there is no refund for this type of payment, that is why pay attention to this!

Bitcoin Wallet Address14djNAbqTYQkhReRKvSFQC2nHM6CXJobTm
Ethereum Wallet0xDa4786474AE23F2BDB70E94cb0F51Cc681d71793

Master Access PayPal Payment

Tip: PayPal is the preferred payment method.
Note: if you have already an account with us, before proceed make sure you are logged in to your account.
Note: if with credit card does not work choose PayPal.

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