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Novice Access

Novice free membership is no longer offered!

Package Access Contents

  1. forums access, you will have access to all forums and attachments which are not visible as a visitor.
  2. forums support, you can ask simple questions, however for better support please upgrade to at least Adept membership.
  3. old solutions access, you will have access to view old solutions in forums.


  1. only 2 devices are allowed per one account to login at the same time
  2. no advanced support in forums
  3. no save of solutions to your PC
  4. no right click on solutions to copy text
  5. only 10 different IP's per month per user are allowed
  6. no new solutions access
  7. no schematics access/download
  8. no service files ascess/download
  9. no PADS files access/download

PayPal Payment

Tip: PayPal is the preferred payment method.
Note: if you have already an account with us, before proceed make sure you are logged in to your account.
Note: if with credit card does not work choose PayPal.

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