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Schematic Diagram Remake Services

What is this service exactly about?
If you have a schematic made of images we can make it into a real schematic with text and vector traces, into PDF format, this will allow for it to be easy searchable and weight less space.
Let's say you have an important diagram of a car block but it is scanned and is not searchable, you can make allot of money if you repair that car block fast, meaning your search function must be instant, because else you will waste huge amount of time looking where is a specific component and spend time on the repair, with our service you will be able to f**k your competitors.

Schematic Device Types

  1. Car
  2. Tractor
  3. Drone
  4. e-Bike
  5. Robot
  6. CNC
  7. 3D Printer
  8. industrial machines
  9. others

Schematic Diagram Prices

Due to complexity of each diagram and quantity of pages, the prices may vary, also because this is a new product we will have to test the waters, although we already have experience with Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod devices, we think it's not hard to make for other types of devices.

  • from 10$ up to 200$ for one simple page.
  • from 20$ up to 400$ for one complex page.

Reverse Engineer Logic Board Layout Prices

We also can create the Logic Board layout, but for this you will have to send us a sample of the logic board that needs the component layout to be made.
Also we can try build a schematic from zero, using the available logic board of the device you look up to repair, this will cost even more.

It's not guaranteed but most manufacturers erase the part numbers from components, because they not want their devices to be repaired but at least you will have the PDF layout.
It is possible to make the layout in PADS Layout so you will see how everything connects on a logic board, but we can't promise to detect all the components.
Having the Layout it's possible to build a diagram already, when a device is built, first the Diagram is drawn then the Logic Board is created, when reverse engineering the process is vice versa.

  • from 50$ to 2500$ simple Logic Boards
  • from 100$ to 5000$ complex Logic Boards

Note: we don't plan to make PCB layers if PADS Layout is required, however having both sides of a layout, some software can create inner layers automatically but the result may be different than the actual one, this is because you would have to know the exact parameters of spacing and sizes of different traces inside of logic board, how they are defined exactly from the factory!

PDF Schematic Example

PADS Layout Example

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