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Refund Policy

Refund Policy Rules

A full or partial refund may happen in the following cases and as a result losing access to paid content immediately.
The final decision remains at our disposition based on the user activity through the website.

Also please understand our website offers digital access to intangible goods and services!


Membership Access RPR

  1. the registered member did not login at all during 8 days = (full refund)
  2. the registered member had access and visited paid content such as: some solution or video total of 30 different links during 16 days and did not liked them = (half refund)
    the following rules cancels (half refund).
    a. if the member has used the site for more than 16 days.
    b. if the member has viewed more than 30 different links of paid site content (forums are excluded they are free).
    c. if the member have downloaded at least one PCB/PDF file.
  3. the registered Upgraded member have broken some rule from our Terms of Service = (no refund + blacklisted)
  4. if the user paid with crypto currency = (no refund)

note: we do not offer invoices so do not ask us to send one!

Feel free to Contact Us for a refund if you meet this rules.

This page was updated on: 23.04.2022

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